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The above link might be insightful in getting newer adapters to work for Linux.

Be careful when picking an adapter--not just because they're not all advertised for Linux use, but because some of them aren't particularly for computers; they're just for transmitting/receiving audio from 3.5mm audio jacks and stuff. Even some of the ones with male USB ports on seem to be like that. Try searching for one with no buttons that works with a mouse or keyboard, or try searching for one that is integrated with a Wi-Fi card.

I ordered one of the day I wrote this post (I'm editing the next day), which has the same chipset mentioned in that link. My computer (which currently has Xubuntu 22.04.1 on it) appears to already have the driver for that chipset, however (that's why I ordered this particular device); it uses Bluetooth 5.1. Here's a link to the product:

I'm hoping to let you know if it works.

If the links are broken, check them on
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Here's a link where it talks about list comprehensions.

List comprehensions are when you do such as `myList=[v+2 for v in anotherList]`. What this does is make `myList` equal to a new list wherein every item of `anotherList` has been incremented by two.

List comprehensions must be contained within a list, a set, or some such, or Python won't recognize the syntax.

You can replace `anotherList` with such as `range(5)`. However, ranges seem to be special in that the first item of the newly created list will be 0 instead of 2 (if you did `[v+2 for v in range(5)]`; I suppose that's for convenience, since that's probably what people want.

The first part, (where I put `v+2` in the initial example) doesn't actually need to include `v` (it can be something like 55); no, you can't assign values in that place; so, this is invalid: `[v+=2 for v in range(5)]`.

What list comprehensions do is iterate through the loop (`for v in anotherList`) much as usual, and then assign the value placed before it to each iteration (so, `[55 for v in anotherList]` will just replace every value (in the new list) with `55`.

If this whole list comprehension thing seems strange to you, apparently it's very much like something done in mathematics. So, that's probably why they do it like this in Python. However, I found it to be very confusing for many years, personally, and just wished people would write out the full thing. Speaking of that, here's what the full thing looks like (for `myList=[v+2 for v in anotherList]`):

for v in anotherList:
del v #Either that, or the scope of v just ends

Anyway, for me, for a long time, it seemed a rarely enough used feature that when I needed to remember what it did, I had forgotten (and I didn't remember they were called list comprehensions to look them up). However, just about everyone else who programmed in Python did it a lot; so, it was kind of frustrating. I considered it a short way of obfuscating code for programmers of other languages.

Oh, just for the record, you can use strings, and probably other stuff instead of integers:
>>> l=["hello", "Earth is a"]
>>>[s+" world" for s in l]
['hello world', 'Earth is a world']
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Today, I learned the hard way that it really isn't a good idea to type the following, and say yes to the prompt that follows without paying much attention to what it says it's going to uninstall along with it (I knew better, a lot better, but I was irritated, and was in a risk-taking mood):

sudo apt-get remove python3

Apparently, it'll uninstall basically your whole computer, and take a long time doing it (and it won't let you stop it so you can collect your losses with ctrl+c; even if you close the terminal window, it still keeps on doing it, somehow keeping the resource lock on the package manager--and then if you manually turn your computer off and turn it on again, somehow XFCE has been replaced with Kodi, and there's no way to change it). At least it lets you log in (to Kodi) with different users, though.

Anyway, so, as a result of that, I'm downloading the latest version of Xubuntu (I had an older version anyway--hence trying to update my Python version--so . . .)

And the next time I compile the latest Python version, I'm not planning to do a sudo make install unless I make it rename the command to something besides python3. Yikes. I figured there'd be an option on update-alternatives --config python3 where I could change it back to the old one before it did much damage (but nope--the old one was just plain gone). So, that's why I uninstalled python3 (because I was just going to reinstall it to see if it put the command back).

At least I got to eat some good pizza while all this was going on.
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This is a list of family-friendly Hallmark movies, with clean language (as in, nothing worse than euphemisms, if that). Content besides language isn't evaluated quite as strictly (for instance, some of the mysteries tend to rank higher on violence/murder than the romances; some might mention coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages; some have kissing; some have dresses that show shoulders; stuff like that). I plan to expand these lists with new items periodically. While I hesitate to provide a full list of specific language that I check against (that would be long and unpleasant to read/write), note that my process is much more strict than the process used to approve rated G and PG movies (for language), especially with regard to religious foul language. This list is not comprehensive; there are movies I exclude for other reasons than foul language (such as if I don't like the way I feel after I watch them).

Last I checked, all of these were available to watch with a subscription to

* A Christmas Duet, 2019
* A Christmas in Royal Fashion, 2018
* A Christmas Miracle, 2019
* A Christmas Movie Christmas, 2019 (Studio is MarVista, but you can watch it on Hallmark Movies Now at, or on the app for it.)
* A Feeling of Home, 2019
* A Gift to Remember, 2017 (Christmas)
* A Gingerbread Romance, 2018 (Christmas)
* A Midnight Kiss, 2018 (Christmas)
* A New Year's Resolution, 2021
* A Rose for Christmas, 2017
* A Season for Miracles, 1998 (Christmas)
* A Song for Christmas, 2017
* A Time to Dance, 2016 (AKA Karen Kingsbury's A Time to Dance)
* A Valentine's Match, 2020
* A Winter Princess, 2019
* Along Came a Nanny, 2014
* Always Amore, 2022
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #2: Real Murders, 2015
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #3: Three Bedrooms, One Corpse, 2016
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #4: The Julius House, 2016 (this one's kind of creepy, because she's searching for dead bodies in a house she just bought for a good while)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #5: Dead Over Heels, 2017
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #6: A Bundle of Trouble, 2017
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #7: Last Scene Alive, 2018
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #8: Reap What You Sew, 2018
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #9: The Disappearing Game, 2018
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #11: An Inheritance to Die For, 2019
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #12: A Very Foul Play, 2019
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #14: Reuinited and It Feels So Deadly, 2020
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #16: Til Death Do Us Part, 2021 (AKA Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #16: Cold Feet and a Cold Case)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #17: Honeymoon, Honeymurder, 2021
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #18: Haunted by Murder, 2022
* Best Christmas Party Ever, 2014
* Betting on the Bride, 2017
* Bottled with Love, 2019
* Butlers in Love, 2022
* Campfire Kiss, 2017
* Carrot Cake Murder: A Hannah Swensen Mystery, 2023
* Christmas Camp, 2019
* Christmas Encore, 2017
* Christmas Everlasting, 2018
* Christmas Festival of Ice, 2017
* Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa, 2018
* Christmas in Rome, 2019
* Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness, 2007
* Crossword Mysteries #2: Proposing Murder, 2019
* Crossword Mysteries #4: Terminal Descent, 2021
* Crossword Mysteries #5: Riddle Me Dead, 2021
* Curious Carter #2: Grilling Season, 2023
* Date with Love, 2016
* Don't Go Breaking My Heart, 2021
* Easter Under Wraps, 2019 (Easter)
* Enchanted Christmas, 2017
* Fallen Angel, 1998
* Falling for You, 2018
* Forever in My Heart, 2019
* Front of the Class, 2008
* Frozen in Love, 2018
* Garage Sale Mysteries #4: The Wedding Dress, 2015
* Garage Sale Mysteries #9: Murder by Text, 2017
* Garage Sale Mysteries #10: Murder Most Medieval, 2017
* Garage Sale Mysteries #12: The Pandora's Box Murders, 2018
* Garage Sale Mysteries #13: The Mask Murder, 2018
* Gourmet Detective Mysteries: Roux the Day, 2020
* Harvest Love, 2017
* Harvest Moon, 2015
* Hearts of Winter, 2020
* Home for Christmas Day, 2017
* It Was Always You, 2021
* Jingle Bell Bride, 2020
* Journey back to Christmas, 2016
* June in January, 2014
* Just Add Romance, 2019
* Just in Time for Christmas, 2015 (Romance/fantasy/Christmas. Has Christopher Lloyd and William Shatner in it.)
* Love at First Dance, 2018
* Love at Sea, 2018
* Love in Winterland, 2020
* Love on a Limb, 2016
* Love on Ice, 2017
* Love on the Menu, 2019
* Love Struck Café, 2017
* Love Unleashed, 2019
* Magic Stocking, 2015
* Marrying Father Christmas, 2018
* Martha's Vineyard Mysteries #1: A Beautiful Place to Die, 2020 (FYI: Martha's Vineyard is an island--not an actual vineyard)
* Martha's Vineyard Mysteries #3: Ships in the Night, 2021
* Martha's Vineyard Mysteries #4: Poisoned in Paradise, 2021 (It does have some fights while apprehending criminals/suspects, with an above-average amount of non-graphic violence for this list)
* Matchmaker Mysteries #2: A Fatal Romance, 2020
* Merry & Bright, 2019 (Christmas)
* Morning Show Mysteries #4: Countdown to Murder, 2019
* My Best Friend's Bouquet, 2020
* Mystery 101 #1, 2019
* Mystery 101 #2: Playing Dead, 2019
* Mystery 101 #4: Dead Talk, 2019
* Mystery 101 #7: Deadly History, 2021
* North to Home, 2022
* November Christmas, 2010
* Once upon a Christmas Miracle, 2018
* One Winter Proposal, 2019
* Over the Moon in Love, 2019
* Pearl in Paradise, 2018
* Picture Perfect Mysteries #1: Newlywed and Dead, 2019
* Picture Perfect Mysteries #2: Dead Over Diamonds, 2020
* Pumpkin Pie Wars, 2016
* Redwood Curtain, 1995 (This is a family-history mystery—not a romance.)
* Retreat to Paradise, 2021
* Right in Front of Me, 2021
* Ruby Herring Mysteries #1: Silent Witness, 2019
* Ruby Herring Mysteries #2: Her Last Breath, 2019
* Ruby Herring Mysteries #3: Prediction Murder, 2020
* Sailing into Love, 2019
* Sound of Christmas, 2016
* Summer Love, 2016
* Summer of Dreams, 2016
* Sweet Carolina, 2021
* The Birthday Wish, 2017
* The Magic of Ordinary Days, 2005
* The Perfect Catch, 2017
* The Runaway, 2000
* The Secret Ingredient, 2020
* The Ultimate Gift, 2007 (Studio is 20th Century Fox, but it's on
* Three Weeks, Three Kids, 2011
* Timeless Love, 2020
* 'Tis the Season for Love, 2015 (Christmas)
* Under the Autumn Moon, 2018
* USS Christmas, 2020
* Wedding March #1: The Wedding March, 2016
* Wedding March #2: Resorting to Love, 2017
* Wedding March #5: My Boyfriend's Back, 2019
* Wedding March #6: Sealed with a Kiss, 2021
* Winter Castle, 2019
* Winter in Vail, 2020
* Wedding Planner Mystery, 2014
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See the answer that mentions it here:

It's the best command-line media player I've found, so far.
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I can't believe I hadn't heard this until now. Great fast-paced version of Jingle Bells.
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This EFY song (from the Here Am I, 2015 album) relates to some things Elder Holland said in his talk in the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference, today:

It's He Hears Your Heart, by Bryn Castleton.

Anyway, it's one of my favorite EFY songs; EFY stands for Especially For Youth. It was a yearly thing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did for the youth. Now they do FSY (For the Strength of Youth conferences) instead, which is more of a local thing.

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Other than the usual Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Yandex, etc., here's a list of search engines that are remarkable:
* (added on 22 May 2023)

Interesting meta search engines:

Limited scope:
* (for students)

Also, you should probably look up distributed search engines, peer-to-peer search engines, decentralized search engines, custom search engines, etc. These could in theory be great, but I don't know of any actual search engines of these types that you can just go to a website and use (or download and use), without having to do more than you're bargaining for.
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