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About this site:
This site is essentially my blog (but you can participate).

About me:
I'm a person on the Internet. I have lots of interests. I don't want to go on about myself. Sorry.

About the rules:
The rules might look lengthy and complicated, but if you don't get offended easily by moderation, you'll probably be okay.

About site members:
As a member of this site, you should focus most on producing quality, relevant content for readers (present and future, including the long-term future). The readers you should have in mind do not only include site members.

Similarly, posts are intended to have long-term scope, having users from search-engines in mind. However if you want your comments disabled (or the thread locked), just ask a moderator.

However, please do not treat individual threads like forums, especially if a forum with the same topic already exists. In other words, if it's foreseeable that your thread could have been five hundred threads, please make five hundred threads instead of one (the reason is that a single thread in this context would mostly only be easily useful to the participants, with newcomers having to read a lot of unnecessary material to find out what is appropriate to say). Similarly, try not to derail threads, but if you do, please edit the subject to be something that matches your new thought. Thread subjects should generally be quite specific. For instance, try not to make a thread called Melons, 2020 (because it might absorb everyone's posts that year and make individual ones hard to find). Consider tagging all your posts with a tag for that year instead.

Quality control is an important aspect of this forum. Threads may be edited, moved, deleted, locked, renamed, etc. for quality control purposes. This helps ensure that posts are high quality, on-topic, organized, helpful, in English, ethical, comprehensible, and in accordance to the rules, among other things. There is no guarantee that any particular post will endure a full or partial quality control process, however. One anticipated reason for edits is to add, remove, or adjust tags so that they are standardized and useful.

You should anticipate that some and/or all of your posts will probably endure a quality control process, whether or not you obey or try to obey the rules. This is not a punishment. Even those who obey the rules perfectly will probably have their posts edited, moved, locked, etc. from time to time. This is one of the reasons that you have to become a Member (as opposed to just registering) before you can post (to ensure that you know about this in advance). If, after you have become a member, it becomes clear that you are upset and bewildered about this, you may lose your membership status until you read and accept the rules (again).
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