What are your favorite homemade spaghetti/pizza sauce recipes?

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
What are your favorite spaghetti and pizza sauce recipes? (Particularly those that involve your own homegrown tomatoes that you've canned.)

I never really used a strict recipe, but it struck me that there are probably some pretty good ones out there. I usually like to do something like the following:

* 2 quarts of canned tomatoes (I'd blend them up after opening, juice, seeds, and all; I think they were usually Early Girl F1 or Roma tomatoes back in the day)
* Oregano (a fair amount)
* Two or three bay leaves (remove after cooking)
* A tiny bit of garden sage
* White sugar or brown sugar (maybe a tablespoon or so; I forgot which kind tasted better; I think white sugar was the original method)
* Ground mustard
* Salt
* Black pepper
* Parsley
* Minced onions and onion powder
* Garlic powder or granulated garlic

Then I'd just cook it and mix the hamburger with it or something. I'd season the scrambled hamburger with salt, pepper, sage, and maybe onion/garlic powder or similar.

I add salt and/or extra virgin olive oil to the noodles while they're cooking.

More recently I've taken to replacing the sugar with blended up raisins (although I haven't tried it with the exact ingredient list above). Also, ascorbic acid powder can do a lot for the taste of spaghetti sauce; it can make it rich and zesty (but I'm not saying ascorbic is necessarily ideal for the aforementioned sauce, as I've not tried it with that exact list of ingredients). I like mushrooms with spaghetti a lot, too.

I've discovered that not all oregano is the same. I love some of it, but some of it has an overpowering cough drop smell. Some other ingredients may differ, too. The resulting sauce is not supposed to be bitter, btw (and it never was when I made it years ago), but I think some kinds of one/some of those ingredients can potentially be bitter. Can parsley or oregano sometimes be overpoweringly bitter?

So, what do you do to make your spaghetti sauce? What have you discovered?

I really love the smell of summer savory (which smells a lot like the oregano I like). If you have a good sauce recipe that utilizes summer savory, that would be awesome. I've attempted using it to get that good oregano taste, but I haven't quite succeeded yet (in spaghetti sauce, anyhow).

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