Tuna fish sandwich recipes

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
So, I just made some tuna fish sandwiches. They turned out pretty good, in a tangy, peppery sort of way. Here's what I did:

I mixed two cans of Winco tuna in water (drained) with some mayonnaise, a quartered and sliced tomato, several slices of pickled banana peppers (I don't think they're the spicy kind), yellow mustard, and corn chips. I mixed it all together in a bowl with a fork, and made four sandwiches with it. I just finished the first one (it remains to be seen how many I will eat; I plan to put the rest in the refrigerator for later).

Anyway, the taste was quite good. I knew I liked corn chips dipped in tuna-mayo preparations, but I hadn't thought about putting them in a tuna fish sandwich mix until now. Both the corn chips and the peppers add quite a bit of good flavor.

I do recommend this recipe, but it might be a little too tangy for some. I like tangy, though.

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