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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
So, we have a lot of canned tomatoes. I've been stewing over what to do with canned tomatoes for a long time, now. I mean, if some emergency* happened and we had to use them without having access to things like meat, cheese and broth, we would probably need to know more to do with them than making pasta sauce, pizza sauce, BBQ sauce, ketchup, and traditional tomato soup. Tomatoes are one of our most preservable crops (so, a good recipe could really improve lives).

Enter non-traditional tomato soup! (But there's also meatless chili, and lentils with tomatoes.)


• Thoroughly blend up a quart of practicaly dry-farmed, canned tomatoes.
• Blend in some baked, frozen Jerusalem artichokes (I imagine fresh ones would work, too); I added maybe 5 or 6 2" pieces of them
• Pour into a glass pot to cook
• Turn the heat on 6 or so. (You might prefer a lower heat, as it'll spit a lot. In fact, just baking it, covered, might be better, but I haven't tried it, yet.)
• Add parsley, pepper, and salt.
• Add one egg
• Add a little white bean flour! (maybe 1 to 1½ tablespoonfuls)
• Cook (stirring as you do so) until your confident that the bean flour and egg have been cooked long enough.

It hits the spot as a complete meal better than tomato soup without grilled cheese sandwiches. It doesn't taste like it needs broth added. The egg adds nice texture.

Interestingly, my teeth felt extra mineralized after eating this. However, it should be noted what else I've been eating, as the minerals in my body could have combined with the soup to add this effect. I've been taking a fair amount of kelp tablets for the last few days. I ate an apple and a banana earlier that day. I had leftover salmon patties (from canned salmon, with potatoes mixed into them) for lunch. I had the soup for dinner.

Yes, I think this recipe could be improved, but it's definitely a couple steps above some other tomato soup experiments I've done, for the stated purpose.

The bean flour seems to give it an almost chili-like quality, but it takes much less time than chili to cook.

We have a lot of beans and Jerusalem artichokes (AKA sunroots); so, the inclusion of those ingredients is nice. Looks like planting those for food security was a good idea.

*Fittingly, we're actually in one of those emergencies, now! Sort of: We could go to the store and buy stuff, but then we might get COVID-19. Note that we're out of bananas (the one I had had been around a long time) and milk.

Note: I'm posting here since the canned tomatoes I used included three species of tomatoes: L. lycopersicum, L. cheesmaniae, and L. pimpinellifolium.

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