Innovative web browser proposition

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I have a proposition for a new kind of web browser (and Internet).

* To speed up the Internet.
* To prevent jagged, jumping page loads. Page loads should be smooth and not interfere with using the site or reading the text that has already loaded.
* To optimize client-side efficiency.
* To allow equal end-user customization of all pages. Set it and forget it.
* To reduce the workload for web designers.
* To make pages more readable, and standardized.
* To remove slow scripts altogether from the user experience.
* To prevent abuse by trackers and advertisers. Most of the advertizing in this system should be done by individuals (not companies).
* To prevent convolution.
* To make intricate interconnected hypertext more convenient to create.
* To make advertising equal and ethical. No more capitalism ruining your day so someone can make a slightly larger profit.
* To reduce the need for graphic design. There's far too much demand for it, and it's frankly mostly not even necessary, especially if you want equality between websites.
* To be content-oriented (not presentation-oriented).
* To have a specialized scope (rather than being designed for all purposes).
* To eliminate obfuscation of website internals.
* To be fast and simple, both as a web surfer and a web designer.


Articles, books, and writing have priority, but it's also designed for store-fronts, forums, non-animated games, and social networks.


This is a web browser that supports a new kind of Internet. This Internet would put the aesthetics of web surfing largely on the shoulders of the end-user, meaning, the end-user could do a one-time custimization that would affect all pages (or use the default theme, or one of many pre-set themes).

This Internet would not use HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. HTML and CSS are primarily to describe how content is displayed (and we don't want websites to worry about that; that's almost entirely the end-user's job). JavaScript isn't fast, nor is it ideal; a new scripting language would be used, and have less power to interfere, and have more power to do cool useful stuff.

Of course, we'd want bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, links, and such, but tables and menus would have to be created separately and embedded like images, rather than being part of the text.

A lot of things would be standardized, even web stores and social networks. No longer would stores decide for themselves how their store looks, and many of the functions would be standardized, too.
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