Baked potato sandwiches

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here's some backstory to this post:

Anyway, I decided to make baked potato sandwiches (without chicken or meat). I took a number of potatoes (maybe 5) and sliced them into fairly thin slices (like you'd do for fried potatoes, on the thin side). I put avocado oil on the pan to prevent sticking. I made a savory seasoning sauce to dip them in; here are the ingredients:

* Soy sauce
* Worcestershire sauce
* Key lime powder
* Granulated garlic
* Great Value calcium-fortified orange juice
* Black pepper

I dipped them all in the sauce, and put them in a 12" cast-iron frying pan. I probably had two or three layers of potato slices. Then I  baked them on 450 degrees F. for 50 minutes (which was too long; I'm guessing 35 minutes might be better). I should have flipped them over about half-way through, too, but I didn't. So, they were pretty dark brown and crispy, especially on one side. Whatever the case, they still tasted great, except I used too much key lime powder (so they were bitter inside), but inside the sandwiches, I didn't notice the bitterness anymore. I added two leaves of lettuce on store-bought whole wheat bread (probably Franz brand) with mayonnaise on each slice, and put a third of the potatoes on each sandwich. It was great! [Other than being overcooked,] I consider it a success. The orange juice was a great improvement, too, I think. No chicken needed to make it taste great (although chicken is great in its own way); I'm pretty sure the lettuce is needed, though.

I'm sure it would have been even better with onions, cheese, and tomatoes, but it's still a good sandwich with just lettuce, potatoes, and mayonnaise.

Warning: I'm sure there was plenty of acrylamide in these potatoes, due to how brown they were on that one side. Acrylamide is a natural chemical that is formed when you cook food; it's what makes it brown and extra tasty--but it may or may not be unhealthy. You could reduce the acrylamide by reducing the cooking time or some such (which you would want to do anyway).

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