Tales of trying to update Python3 on Xubuntu

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Today, I learned the hard way that it really isn't a good idea to type the following, and say yes to the prompt that follows without paying much attention to what it says it's going to uninstall along with it (I knew better, a lot better, but I was irritated, and was in a risk-taking mood):

sudo apt-get remove python3

Apparently, it'll uninstall basically your whole computer, and take a long time doing it (and it won't let you stop it so you can collect your losses with ctrl+c; even if you close the terminal window, it still keeps on doing it, somehow keeping the resource lock on the package manager--and then if you manually turn your computer off and turn it on again, somehow XFCE has been replaced with Kodi, and there's no way to change it). At least it lets you log in (to Kodi) with different users, though.

Anyway, so, as a result of that, I'm downloading the latest version of Xubuntu (I had an older version anyway--hence trying to update my Python version--so . . .)

And the next time I compile the latest Python version, I'm not planning to do a sudo make install unless I make it rename the command to something besides python3. Yikes. I figured there'd be an option on update-alternatives --config python3 where I could change it back to the old one before it did much damage (but nope--the old one was just plain gone). So, that's why I uninstalled python3 (because I was just going to reinstall it to see if it put the command back).

At least I got to eat some good pizza while all this was going on.
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