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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This thread is for software goals of mine, one goal per post.

Develop a command-line text editor (yes, command-line text editors and even word processors exist: e.g. WordGrinder, Nano, and Norton Textra Writer) that

1. Fully supports Unicode, and that has the standard navigation and editing keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl+backspace to delete a word, Ctrl+arrow keys to move back and forth a word or up and down a paragraph, Ctrl+Z for undo, Ctrl+c for copy, etc.
2. Can run successfully on Termux.
3. Is written in Python 3.x, Vala/Genie, or some such.

This text editor will incorporate at least the following features:
1. Favorites (press a keyboard shortcut, such as Ctrl+d, to bring up an input box to type in the name of a favorite to save or a different keyboard shortcut, such as Ctrl+shift+d to type the name of a favorite to load; more than one file or file position can be recorded in a single favorite; loading a favorite loads all the files that are saved into tabs).
2. A tabbed interface, with different files being loaded in different tabs.
3. Spellcheck
4. The ability to create relations (with context) between entities (whether those entities are files or file-like things within a file).
5. Document statistics
6. A status bar.
7. The ability to launch code to execute.
8. Compose keys/schemes
9. Text styles would be nice (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, etc.)
10. The ability to make links would be very nice.
11. The ability to change text size with ctrl+= and ctrl+-.
12. Supports composing hypertext fiction, and similar, easily.
13. E-book reader features.
14. And so on and so forth.

Anyway, the purpose of making it a command-line application is to make it so it can be used easily on Android (or pretty much any OS) without having to install some such as Ubuntu or Debian. Command-lines don't generally take nearly as many resources to install. Also, it might speed things up.

I've already created a similar text editor with Tkinter in Python3, but Tkinter doesn't work easily in Android, unfortunately.
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