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I saved wonderberry seeds, yesterday. I put a handful of berries in the blender, added water, and blended on the lowest setting. The water turned very purple! I don't think that happened last year.
Wonderberries blended with water.

Anyway, after that, I removed the fluids (and added more to clear it, and removed them again, a number of times) and poured the seeds (which had settled to the bottom of the blender) into an empty herbal tea bag to zap and dry.
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I got some Porter seeds from AlittleSalt of Tomatoville once upon a time.

I grew a plant from them in 2016, without black plastic or mulch, in the ground. It got a lot of overhead watering from an oscillating sprinkler. The fruits were very pink, and kind of shiny. They got anthracnose pre-harvest (which was kind of unusual). The taste was bland, and the texture undesirable. I understood that this was probably because I watered it too much (as this variety is said to taste loads better with drought). I saved seeds and zapped them. The plant kind of vined a bit.

Anyway, I grew it again in 2017, from my saved seeds, with dry conditions in less-than-ideal soil (potentially salty), without black plastic or mulch. It didn't manifest any symptoms of anthracnose. The plant was slow-growing and slow to mature. The fruits still didn' taste awesome. I figured maybe it needed more acclimatization, since Idaho and Texas are very different when it comes to gardening. However, I didn't save seeds for some reason. The fruits were quite pink, again.

In 2018, some Porter Plants (or plants that looked like Porter) volunteered in the same area as in 2017, also without black plastic or mulch, also with drought conditions. They were slow-growing to start, but ended up prolific, and they tasted extremely sweet and awesome. I was very impressed. However, for some of reason, I didn't save seeds, again. The fruits were quite pink again. They had good texture. No anthracnose symptoms.

So, in 2019, I used saved seeds from 2016 to grow it again. I figured I might as well start the process of acclimatization again. However, I was also curious how it would do with black plastic, this year. Anyway, I harvested one today. It could have been riper, but I wanted to try it. This fruit was rounder than most. The fruits generally are smaller, this year, but that could be because of the soil (which wasn't condusive to the best growth). The plant growth habit is similar to the previous two years. I caged it. The fruit, while not quite as amazing as last year's (yet) was excellent and sweet. I don't think it's had any BER, this year, so far (nor in previous years), which is awesome. The gel sacks on the seeds were not significant. It doesn't look nearly as pink, today (but it could be riper). No anthracnose symptoms, this year, so far.

Here are some pictures of the fruit I ate, today (I'm zapping/saving seeds from it, too; keep in mind it's usually more oblong, and larger/pinker):

Whole Porter tomato.
Cut Porter tomato.

The black dots on my finger are from the marker bleeding through empty herbal tea bags when I was labeling them for seed-saving.

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This year, 2019, fruits are taking a while to ripen (except for strawberries and burr gherkins).
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We had a little rain on 23 July. It wasn't much, but I think the plants appreciated it.

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So, I was in the front yard on Saturday, and I saw this for the first time!

It's a volunteer Red-seeded Citron watermelon. The seed it grew from was from a plant that I grew in 2015. The fruits kept better than most winter squash. It volunteered last year, too, but this year's plant is much larger (and this year there's just one plant).

A family member had been watering it, apparently.
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Our watermelons are doing really nicely, this year, so far. They're setting lots of fruit, and some of it might get large.

Watermelon plants on black plastic in SW Idaho. A small fruit can be seen.
Watermelon plants on black plastic in SW Idaho.
Watermelon plants on black plastic in SW Idaho. A small, oblong fruit can be seen.
Watermelon plants on black plastic and hog wire in SW Idaho. Note that the hog wire wasn't terribly helpful as used.
Watermelon plants on black plastic in SW Idaho. A horseradish plant with chlorosis in front of a wood pile beyond a chain-link fence, and some tomato foliage can be seen.
Watermelon and tomato plants on black plastic in SW Idaho. A Green Globe artichoke and one or more black current bushes can also be seen.
A dark watermelon fruit in the middle of watermelon foliage.
Watermelon plants on black plastic in SW Idaho. A winter watermelon can be seen, as can some unripe tomatoes fruits, probably Early Girl F1.
Two dark watermelons in watermelon foliage.
Watermelon plants and fruit on black plastic in SW Idaho.
A green, striped, oblong watermelon growing in SW Idaho. A very immature fruit can be seen.
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Don't be a vigilanty. Don't get revenge.

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Do not reply to a thread outside of it (unless you do it off-site). Referencing a thread (in a harmless fashion) is another matter.

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Please read the other posts in this forum for more rules. Pay special attention to the site purpose.
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