How to SSH into your Xubuntu desktop computer from your Android tablet

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
1. Install Termux.
2. On Termux, type `pkg install openssh`.
3. On your Xubuntu desktop open a command-line and type `sudo apt install openssh-server` (if it's not already installed and running).
4. On Termux, type `ssh -Y [Your username]@[Your desktop computer's IP Address]` where your username is the same username you log into your computer normally with.
5. It will prompt you for a password; that's the password that you normally log into your computer with.

Then it should work, and you should be able to use the command-line of your desktop computer from your Android tablet.

Here's an example command one might type for item #4:

`ssh radishrain@`

To test if your ssh daemon is running properly on your desktop, type one of the following:
* sudo systemctl status ssh
* sudo service ssh status

If you want to SSH into Termux from your desktop, you can do this:

On Termux:
* sshd (to launch the ssh daemon)
* Create a password to use when logging into Termux, on Termux: passwd mypassword
* whoami (to get your username)
* ifconfig (to get your ip address)

From you desktop:
* ssh myTermuxUserName@myIPAddress -p8022

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