Dill powder (and dip/spread recipe)

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I got some organic dill seeds a while ago. I decided I wanted them in powder form to make them easier to use at a moments' notice for a wider variety of purposes. So, I blended them up, and now they look kind of like peat moss, but workable.

The freshly blended up seeds smelled like menthol, which was fascinating. I'm guessing that smell will subside over time.

I decided to make some kind of dressing with it. Here's what I added:

Dill seed powder
Black pepper
Granulated garlic
Key lime powder (from dried whole fruits, peels, seeds, and all)
Sweet pepper powder (from peppers we grew in 2021)
Pink sea salt
Some white onion, cut into small pieces

I mixed it up and tasted it, and it was delicious! But, it didn't taste like salad dressing, nor like tartar sauce. It tasted like a dip or sandwich spread. I tried it on salad, and while it can pass for a makeshift salad dressing, I sensed it had better uses.

So, I spread the rest of it on bread and baked it in the toaster oven until it was well-done. The result tasted pretty good, and was more satisfying to my stomach than expected.

Anyway, I think the sauce/dip/spread might be good on something like a hamburger, a sandwich, or with chips. It might be good with fish, too (even though it's not tartar sauce).

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