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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I've been trying out Android 10 with my new tablet. It's a Vastking Kingpad SA10. I liked it quite a bit as is, but I just got a new bluetooth keyboard to go with it, and now I've got all kinds of features; so, it's a lot like a laptop now in its functionality (there's hidden functionality that comes out when you hook up a bluetooth keyboard to it (like a lot of shortcuts).

The specific keyboard I got has a lot of cool buttons, too, like buttons for copying, cutting, pasting, selecting all (no menu button, though), controlling a music player, a home button (like the circle button on Android), changing the brightness and volume, etc. Ctrl+ arrow keys works as it does on my desktop.

Anyway, Android 10 has a lot of cool keyboard shortcuts, as does the Chrome web browser, with it, too. Firefox doesn't seem to have a bunch of cool shortcuts, yet.

The one problem with the keyboard is that most of the 10-pad keys don't work when num lock is off (and I was hoping to use the home and end buttons on it). There are additional home and end buttons if you press function with the arrow keys; this is a consolation. The bluetooth seems to work great!

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