Unknown winter watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I harvested a few watermelons today. There are probably plenty more ready to be picked. One of them was one of my heretofore unharvested unlabeled watermelons. It looks like a winter watermelon, which surprised me a bit, as I thought I had labeled them all. I don't think it's King Winter or Santo Domingo Winter. It might be Navajo Winter, Wintermelon, or Winter Queen, but I'm at a loss. My guess is Wintermelon.

Here it is:
A winter watermelon of an unknown breed.
A winter watermelon of an unknown breed.

Here are the other two that I harvested, today (the one in the back is larger than it appears, and it is Santo Domingo Brown Seeded; the one in the front is either Corner Round or from the third plant in the same spot—either way, it tasted and smelled pretty great; I didn't save seeds; Corner Long isn't ripe, yet):
Dark green watermelons.
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