The wonderful uses of black pepper

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
You probably know that black pepper is a common seasoning to add a little extra flavor, but did you know it has some pretty remarkable traits?

1. If you don't like the taste/smell of cloves, add black pepper! I got some turkey franks (turkey hotdogs) the other day, and they tasted strongly of cloves. Weird, right? Sounds like medieval cuisine. Anyway, I sprinkled plenty of black pepper on my hotdog (after adding ketchup and mustard) and I couldn't taste the cloves at all! Ketchup also sometimes tastes strongly of cloves (so, adding black pepper to it should hopefully work, too). I'll have to try it on mincemeat.
2. Add black pepper to bring out the sweetness in many fruits. There are plenty of articles online about this, such as with strawberries.
3. If you're  having hamburgers but are out of ketchup, and you have tomatoes, cut tomato slices for your hamburger and add a whole bunch of black pepper to it (plus some salt); it makes an excellent substitute. Pepper is really good on tomatoes (I'd say even better than salt, but salt seems to get most of the press, somehow, at the time of my writing this).

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