The Best Grilled Cheese you will ever eat.

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Posted by CryptidFlora CryptidFlora
Sliced Turkey (carved roast Turkey is best, but packing on layers of deli Turkey sandwich slices also works)
Cheddar cheese slices
Cranberry chutney (or whole berry cranberry sauce)
Bread of choice
Spread margarine

Start by slathering some mayo on the inside of both pieces of bread. Yes both, we want our sandwiches nice and moist inside.  On one side, place 2 slices of cheddar cheese, then a mound of sliced turkey. On top of the turkey, spoon on the cranberry sauce. Dont left it run over the edges. For the next step place another slice of cheese, make sure the edges of the cheese go further than the cranberry. When this melts it is going to envelop the cranberry inside, so as to not make a mess.

Top off with another slice of bread, then spread margarine on the outsides of both slices of bread. Butter would work here, but I suggest margarine because it has zero cholesterol.

Toast this on the skillet you would normally toast grilled cheese, keep the heat on low to allowed the insides to heat up before the bread burns.



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Re: The Best Grilled Cheese you will ever eat.

Thanks for your post.

I've been experimenting with grilled sandwiches, lately. Maybe I'll try that the next time I have turkey for sandwiches. I wonder if white onions would pair well with that mayonnaise. They seem to add a lot of flavor when cooked.
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Re: The Best Grilled Cheese you will ever eat.

Mm that sounds good. I found a recipe in a magazine for onions caramelized in dr pepper and they were super good! I bet that would be good on this too mmm

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