Stick tomato

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Stick tomato

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Re: Stick tomato

I plan to grow a lot of Stick tomatoes, next year. You might wonder why.

1. Well, in my garden, I have a major challenge: I want to grow a lot of stuff, and sometimes I plant things too close together for how big things get on a given year. Well, my solution is to plant the same density of tomatoes next year, but make sure every other tomato is a Stick tomato (so there are Stick tomatoes next to every tomato). Stick tomatoes have tight foliage that doesn't cover up much; so, if they grow huge and over other plants, it shouldn't bother the other plants a terrible lot. It should make harvesting the fruits easier, too, and give the neighboring plants more space. I figure it's better than just giving all the tomatoes twice as much space.

2. I want to breed my tomatoes to have almost exclusively pompom leaf foliage. Growing lots of them should make natural crosses likely.
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