Recommended Kindle Fire video games

Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here are some fun and/or mentally stimulating Android games for the Kindle Fire. I haven't checked out many new Android games in a while; so, these are all kind of old.

Kindle Fire 2:
• Bubble Shoot (There are a lot of games that are basically the same as this, but this one is my favorite.)
• Jewels Star (In theory, it's similar to Candy Crush Saga, but you're not limited in how many moves you get, and it goes fast; one of my favorites; I would play it more if it worked on my 6th edition.)
• Most of those in the next list

Kindle Fire HD 8 6th edition:
• Catan Classic (I play this the most, usually against computers. It's kind of hard to beat the computer at first, but once you get used to it, it's very achievable, even on the hardest setting. I played the board game version of it maybe four times before I got the app. Don't expect to play this app with people in-person, unless they're already very familiar with it, because it takes a really long time for new players to finish trading and stuff, and the computers try to trade a lot if one of the players is a computer and there are two human players.)
• Cut the Rope (and the others after it; I don't recommend ever using the special powers to pass levels, though; it's a physics puzzle game)
• Buttons and Scissors
• Cubistry (and similar)
• Dropwords
• Fireworks Arcade
• From Cheese
• Greedy Spiders (and its sequel; may trigger symptoms if you have adrenal fatigue that is activated by certain kinds of mental stress)
• Nexus Chess Online (fast and simple online Chess; no sign-up required)
• Pudding Monsters
• Ticket to Ride
• Word Puzzle for the Soul
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