Peanut butter sandwiches and fluid

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Once upon a time, my ideal meal of peanut butter sandwiches went like this (and it still does):

Spread peanut butter on a couple slices of bread (making two sandwiches), spread honey or raspberry jam on them, put bread on each, cut them each in half, and dip them generously in milk before each and every non-soaked bite (well, maybe 96% of the bites).

I tried doing the same thing with water a few times when we were out of milk, but it just wasn't the same (of course). What I didn't try, however, was foregoing the honey or jam when dipping in water. While it's not quite as satisfying as dipping in milk, it's actually a lot better than you might think, including in the following way:

If you don't want to add extra sugary stuff to your sandwiches, dipping it in water is a good way to compensate for that. For some reason, the lack of sugar isn't as bad when dipped in water. Don't ask me why.

Part of the effect of jam or honey is that it makes the sandwich seem wetter, and easier to swallow (and faster to eat). So, texture-wise, water helps. As to why it helps compensate for the lack of sweetness, I don't know (that's what I meant when I said not to ask me earlier).

In the end, I still like it with milk and jam or honey better, but if milk or honey/jam isn't on the menu, I wouldn't ignore peanut butter sandwiches altogether. You can still get some of that satisfaction.
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