New hearty salad dressing

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I just made an impromptu salad and potato dressing, and it worked out pretty nicely:

• Mayonnaise
• Fenugreek powder
• Ginger powder (more than the fenugreek)
• Soy sauce
• A little key lime powder (the powder I used was homemade, and included the fruits, peels, and seeds)
• Sesame seeds (dark seeds; the longer they sit in it, the more flavor they add)

I sprinkled powdered Parmesan cheese and artificial bacon bits on the salad before adding the dressing. It had quite the hearty taste, like bacon (even before I got to the bacon bits and Parmesan cheese, I believe). It went well with the baked potatoes, too.

I was at first worried that it would be too powerful, since there seemed to be a lot of powders and soy sauce compared to the mayonnaise, but it was about right.

The salad contained
• Celery
• Lettuce
• Tomatoes
• Avocados

I posted on TomatoJunction about it, too (and by the time you read it there may or may not be some discussion):


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Re: New hearty salad dressing

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Now I'm thinking about trying something like this, to see what it tastes like:

* Mayonnaise
* Soy sauce
* Curry powder (some such as Madras curry powder)
* Key lime powder

Just plain mayonnaise with curry powder is decent.

Whatever you do, don't mix peanut butter, lime powder, and ginger. Keep peanut butter out of this particular recipe. If you do happen to try that combination, adding tomato powder and brown sugar can save it.
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