Living clothes (algae-based)

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain

The article linked above talks about new clothes that they can make with algae and some materials. You can grow it, too.

It also talks about how they can clean the air, produce oxygen, produce energy, be used in space, and stuff like that.

It also talks about similar photosynthetic skin that can be used in skin grafts.

Now, we just need them to make living houses, living cars, and living cement/concrete/asphalt.

So, do you have to water your clothes, or give them fertilizer? What happens if the algae die?

Living blankets might be cool, especially if they released lots of oxygen while you slept. (Note that some plants release their oxygen at night; not sure about when algae release it.)

It sounds like maybe they could terraform planets with this technology by the way they're talking. That would be cool.

The article also talks about artificial leaves in the same context.
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