How to debunk conspiracy theories

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Disclaimer (added on 14 Sep 2021): I believe this post was added before the whole Republican party became conspiracy theorists coincident with President Biden's COVID-19 vaccine advocacy. Nowadays, I probably wouldn't have touched this topic, since it would make me look like a conservative (I have some conservative values, like I'm pro-life, but I'm an independent, and I don't believe in tribalism; this post wasn't directed at converting tribal conservatives to your own cause).


For those who want to debunk conspiracy theories, perhaps the primary way to do it effectively is to establish trust.

Many believe trust must be earned. So earn it.

Stop wasting time telling people they're wrong, and why, unless your words truly, sincerely, do debunk the myths. There are so many 'debunked' conspiracy theories that are not debunked.

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