Dehydrating Red-seeded Citron watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Our Red-seeded Citron watermelons that we harvested last year aren't getting any younger. So, I decided to cut the two largest ones up, season them like I do for citron watermelon crisp, and dehydrate them! :)

Yes, seeding those watermelons took a nice duration to do.

I figure they can probably take a pretty high temperature, since they taste good fully cooked with those seasonings (brown sugar, citric acid, nutmeg, and cinnamon). So, I'll probably keep them on at least 145° F. as I dehydrate them (it's on 166 right now). The seasonings (probably the brown sugar) caused them to release juices (so, that should help the dehydration process).

I'm dehydrating a few grocery store Roma-type tomatoes, in thick slices, since there was some room left over after I cut up the watermelons. I filled about six 13" x 15" trays. The dehydrator can take six more trays, but the slices can be thicker with only six (and I only have six trays).

The tomatoes are on the top tray so that they don't get the watermelon seasonings dripping on them.


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Re: Dehydrating Red-seeded Citron watermelon

Okay, so they finished dehydrating on Wednesday. The sweetness of the brown sugar was less pronounced when they were dry. So, I probably should have added more brown sugar and less citric acid for many of them (some of them had enough brown sugar).

The temperature settings worked well. I set it to 145° F. after two or three hours. The tomatoes tasted excellent, but the ones without skins on one side dehydrated faster. The citron watermelon actually dehydrated faster than the thick tomato slices.
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