Author: Edna Adelaide Brown

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Edna Adelaide Brown (1875 to 1944)

• A Brief Sketch of the History of Andover
• At the Butterfly House, August 1918, ©1918 (Illustrator: John Goss):
• Four Gordons, August 1911, ©1911 (Illustrator: Norman Irving Black; dedicated to Faith Bowen), 2018: or or
• How Many Miles to Babylon, ©1941, 1941 (Illustrator: Stephen Ronay; for E. R. R. and for the many children who have asked me to write them another story):;view=1up;seq=7 or
• Journey's End, April 1921, ©1921 (To Harriet and Joe): or or
• Notes for Miss Putnam, 1939:
• Polly's Shop, ©1931 (Illustrator: Antoinette Inglis; To the little cabin among the pines of Diamond Hill, where this story was written; to the memory of the boy whose youthful treasures still adorn its walls; to the little lady in fur who shared the camp, and to her who loves Diamond Hill the best of all. Thanks are due to the Beacon Press, for permission to use the chapter entitled, "The Old grandpa," which appeared as a short story in "The Beacon."), 2018:
• Rainbow Island, 1919 (Illustrator: John Goss):
• Robin Hollow, ©1924 (Illustrator: John Goss; Dedicated to Elma):
• That Affair at St. Peter's, April 1920, ©1920 (Illustrator: John Goss): or or
• The Spanish Chest, 1917, 2009, 2009, 2010, 2018:
• Three Gates, ©1928 (For Agatha, who wanted me to write this book):
• Uncle David's Boys, 1913, 1918:
• When Max Came, ©1914, March 1914 (Illustrator: John Goss; Dedicated to J. E. T.):
• Whistling Rock, 1923, ©1923 (Illustrator: Antoinette Inglis; To R. R. A. who likes islands and lighthouses and the people in fur):

1. The Silver Bear, August 1921 (Illustrator: Antoinette Inglis), ©1921, 2009, 2018: or
2. The Chinese Kitten, ©1922 (Illustrator: Antoinette Inglis; To Muff, the Dearest Kitten), 2018: or

1. Arnold's Little Brother, April 1915, ©1915 (Illustrator: John Goss; To M. E. R. for "debts of love unpaid"):
2. Archer and the "Prophet", ©1916, 2018 (Illustrator: John Goss):
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