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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This site is designed to be a companion site to (and to supplant) the following ProBoards forum:

If you're not particular about which site to use, please use the Nabble one.

Should one site go down, the other will hopefully be available.

If you miss the recent threads feature, try clicking on Topics View. It's pretty much the same thing, but better (since you can use it in any forum, rather than just the top-level one).

ProBoards does not list sub-board posts in parent forums. However, in Nabble, you can see posts in all descendant forums when you click Topics View.

ProBoards supports hashtags, while Nabble doesn't.

The Nabble site is faster, and should have better SEO. It won't abbreviate your URLs. It offers a threaded view, and more.

The rules here are different. Please familiarize yourself with them. Seed trading is only done on dedicated forums here (unlike on the old site where hashtags were utilized for trading on all boards).

You'll notice that mini-profiles are non-existent here. You'll have to take advantage of the Profiles forum. There you can make a post that represents your profile. Members cannot reply to that post.
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