Winter Queen watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I harvested three Winter Queen watermelons, yesterday. I ate them and I'm saving seeds (they're ready to dry).

Anyway, the fruits were small (with each being a different size). The flesh color was a rich pink. The seeds were small and black as is typical for a winter watermelon (it's nice for eating and for seed-saving, too, since they're easy to eat and they take up little space). The taste was great. I quite liked it. I wouldn't call it one of my top favorites for flavor, but it's quite good. It had a nice level of sweetness. The flesh was dense. It was kind of salty, too (which must say more about our soil than the breed).

We had some larger winter watermelon fruits earlier in the season, which I didn't identify, which may or may not have belonged to this breed (but probably not). They were likely Wintermelon, King Winter, or an unlabeled kind.

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Here's a picture of it from when I ate it (and the others of the variety) on the date I took the picture (1 Oct 2019). I don't know what else this picture would be.

A sliced open Winter Queen watermelon on a plate on a stove. Pink flesh and black seeds. A spoon can be seen, in part.
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