White Queen tomato

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
In 2017, I grew the White Queen tomato, got a few fruits, saved seeds, and yeah. they tasted really good! We didn't use black plastic that year; the fruits had drought conditions.

This year, I grew it from seeds I had saved. We are using black plastic, and we aren't watering much. The performance is somewhat better than in 2017, but I prefer the flavor in 2017 a lot. It's a lot less sweet, this year, and still interesting, but not as interesting of a flavor to me. The fruits have spoiled on the vine soon after ripening. I saved seeds from a quite large, split, spoiled fruit, today, as well as from a somewhat smaller one had no problems; I ate that somewhat smaller one. I might grow it again, but I'll probably grow Great White or White Tomesol again, first.

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