What kind of fruit has the most seeds?

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
What kind of fruit has the most seeds?

I don't currently know the answer, nor do I have seed counts, but in general, these fruits have a lot of seeds:

• Tomatillos (usually; sometimes they don't)
• Muskmelons (I've never met a muskmelon with few seeds. They are reliably seedy, in my experience; however, some do have more than others.)
• Eggplant (They can have a lot of seeds per fruit.)
• Pomegranates
• Ground cherries
• West India burr gherkins (They are quite seedy.)
• Tomatoes (depends on the variety; some like Sweet Ozark Orange and Cuostralee have quite a lot)
• Watermelon (Depends on the variety. I have met watermelons with few seeds, but they can potentially have quite a lot)
• Peppers (Much like tomatoes, it depends on the variety. Large bell peppers seem to have a lot, usually.)
• Wonderberries (These fruits are quite small, but for their size, they have a lot of seeds. It's easier to amass a large quantity of seeds from wonderberries than it is from most things, but that's in part because of the abundance of fruit.)
• Corn (If you count a whole ear as one fruit.)
• Strawberries
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