What are your favorite black tomatoes?

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This thread on Gardenweb began the discussion, 'What are you favorite black tomatoes?'


Rather than resurrect the thread there, I figured I'd start a new one, and I might as well do it here, instead.

So, what are your favorite black/brown tomatoes, and what do you like about them? For my purposes, I'm not evaluating blue and purple tomatoes, but you can include them if you want.

• Flavor: Paul Robeson
• Sweetness: Ron's Carbon Copy and sometimes Chocolate Pear
• Earliness: Chocolate Pear
• Production: Chocolate Pear (for small tomatoes), and Black Giant (for larger tomatoes)
• Largest fruit: Black from Tula

Other black tomatoes I've tried (in no particular order) include at least these:
• Black
• African Brown Beefsteak
• Beduin
• Amazon Chocolate (no fruit)
• Indian Zebra (AKA Indian Stripe)
• Cherokee Purple (didn't eat any fruit)
• Tim's Black Ruffles (didn't eat any fruit)
• Black Vernissage
• Black Plum
• Noire De Crimee
• Black Prince (no fruit)
• Cherokee Tiger Black Pear (no fruit)

Does Girl Girl's Weird thing count as black? Mine was maroon. I've grown that.

Some black/brown tomatoes that I think/hope I'll like a lot include these:
• Chocolate Sprinkles F1
• Sunchocola F1 (I'm growing the F2, this year)
• Japanese Black Trifele (growing this year)
• Brown Berry (growing this year)
• Chocolate Cherry
• Black Cherry
• Austin's Black Cherry (growing this year)
• Wild Tiger
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