Watermelon Day!

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Today seems to be watermelon day (2019) or the day when we first harvest lots of watermelons at once. I found nineteen ripe ones, the largest of them being a Santo Domingo Dark Green. Most of the winter watermelons and larger watermelons are still ripening.

Alas, I don't mean National Watermelon Day. That's August 3rd.

We have the following here:
* Santo domingo Dark Green x 3
* Ancient x 2
* Congo cross x 6
* Verona x 5
* Tom Watson cross x 2 (these are the two small ones that look like winter watermelons; they're evidently from a different plant than the first one I harvested; they're F2s; so, that explains how they're different)
* Unidentified x 1

Assorted watermelons on a wooden table, with their breed names written on them with a black marker. A laptop, a laptop case, and a nearly empty brass bowl with fruit in it can be seen, as can two wooden chairs.
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