Very ornamental grasshopper

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I'm trying to identify a cool grasshopper that frequents our property, although it's not the dominant kind by a long shot.

It looks a lot like, and may be, Schistocerca shoshone, the green bird grasshopper, or green valley grasshopper.

They are huge, though. They probably get over three inches long (at least up to 3.5", I believe). They are much longer than the two-striped grasshopper (which is the dominant kind).

They're beautiful creatures; they look like they have glitter glue on them, almost. I plan to take some pictures if I get the chance at an opportune time, this year.

They've been in my area since at least the 1980s or 1990s. They are much more abundant in recent years than they used to be. They are now the second-most abundant grasshopper in my garden.

We sometimes get the brown or gray ones that match the road, too, but they usually stay on the roads; they're the ones that make a sound when they fly, and have black and yellow inner wings. When mature, they usually fly whenever they jump, but they jump like regular grasshopper before their wings mature.

We used to have more kinds of grasshoppers, including blue ones that looked like the brown and gray ones.

The primary grasshopper predator in the garden seems to be my neighbors' cats, who hunt them assiduously. I've never seen birds hunting them in our yard.

Nevermind the need to take more pictures this year. Here are some pictures of one in a semi-dwarf Elberta peach tree, which pictures I took in 2015:

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