Unique leaf shapes among tomatoes

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
My tomatoes this year with unique leaves appear to be these:

• Silvery Fir Tree: the foliage is feathery.
• Purple Calabash (the leaves are flatter and a little differently shaped than other regular leaf tomatoes). I wonder if it's from an interspecies hybrid.
• Taiga: It's a potato-leaf plant with leaves that are really floppy-looking. Maybe they're wispy, but I haven't seen a definitively wispy PL tomato plant to compare. At first I thought it was stressed, but it kept growing new leaves this way.

In past years, I noticed differences with Galapagos Island and Menehune, too.

I took these pictures today:

Silvery Fir Tree:
The Silvery Fir Tree tomato's feathery foliage.

Purple Calabash:
Purple Calabash tomato foliage.

Taiga tomato foliage.

Here's a normal regular leaf tomato for comparison (it's Marion, from fruit #1):
Marion tomato foliage. Regular leaf.

Here's a normal potato leaf tomato for comparison (it's B.S.X.):
B.S.X. tomato foliage. Potato leaf.

Here's my wispiest regular leaf tomato, this year, for comparison (however, it's not as wispy as some other varieties that I've grown before); it's Sheboygan from an oxheart-shaped fruit:
Sheboygan tomato foliage from an oxheart-shaped fruit.

Note that there are other possible leaf shapes, such as rugose an pompom.
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