Tomatoes and skin cancer

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain

This talks about how consuming tomatoes reduces indicence of tumors from a certain kind of skin cancer, or some such. They only tested red and tangerine tomatoes (tangerine is a color gene for one of the orange kinds of tomatoes, which is high in tetra-cis lycopene; the other kind of orange tomato is high in beta carotene).

It says red tomatoes were more effective than controls, but it says that tangerine tomatoes caused significantly more lycopene to be absorbed into the skin than red tomatoes. Here's what it says about red tomatoes:

"Tumor number was significantly lower in male mice consuming red tomato diets (1.73 ± 0.50, P = 0.015) or pooled tomato diets (2.03 ± 0.45, P = 0.017) compared to controls (4.04 ± 0.65)."

It doesn't mention how the results varied between red and tangerine tomatoes, with regard to tumors, but it did mention the fact that tangerine tomatoes caused more lycopene to be accumulated in the skin.

It did not directly say how tangerine tomatoes compared to controls. However, it inferred that they had tumor-suppressive properties (but not to what degree).

Some tomatoes high in tetra-cis lycopene include Olga's Yellow Chicken Egg, and Moonglow, among others.
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