Tom Watson x King Winter watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
In 2018, I discovered that my Tom Watson watermelon was a cross (probably with King Winter). It tasted almost as good as Tom Watson, but managed to get bigger than both Tom Watson and King Winter had for me.

In 2019, I grew F2 seeds and got three fruits. Each fruit seems to be from a different plant, as each fruit has different traits (I probably have three plants in one spot; I normally do that).

One fruit was a decent size, but still smaller than last year's. The taste was good, but not as great as last year's. The rind looked about the same (a moderate shade of green with darker green stripes). The seeds were black as they were last year.

The other two fruits resembled miniature King Winter fruits (round and light green with darker green stripes). One had red or brown seeds (I'm not sure which) and tasted considerably different. The other had black seeds and tasted quite good, much as the parent, but different.

The one with red or brown seeds must have crossed with either Bozeman, Ancient, or Red-seeded Citron. My guess would be Ancient, except it would have a darker rind then. So, it must be Bozeman or King Winter must have been crossed without my knowledge (before cross-pollinating Tom Watson). The flesh wasn't so firm as for me to think it was Red-seeded Citron. I'm going to assume King Winter was true-to-type in 2016 (when I saved the crossed Tom Watson seeds), as that was the first year I grew King Winter. So, Bozeman must be it!
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