Tip: Freeze alpine strawberries for a more substantial snack

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Alpine strawberries, as you may or may not know, are small. Tasty, prolific, and easy-to-grow, but small (usually; sometimes some bigger ones appear). It takes about two seconds to eat an entire handful.

So, I figured I'd freeze them to make them take longer to eat, and make a bigger impact in the mouth (due to the cold). Guess what: It worked! They're very tasty frozen, and they are much more substantial, and even more filling. The taste does change when frozen, but in a good way.

I used to think the frozen strawberry taste was particular to a specific variety of strawberry, but nope. Frozen strawberries taste different. No, every variety doesn't taste exactly the same when frozen, but you can learn to tell a frozen strawberry taste from a fresh one.

The great thing about these frozen alpine strawberries is that they don't stay frozen for a super long time, due to their small size. Plus, if you suck on them, the skins and seeds come off first, leaving the rest of the strawberry for you to taste in your mouth.

Garden strawberries are great frozen, too.

Another tip I have for you is that if you wash the dried up alpine strawberries before you freeze them, they absorb just enough water to be pretty awesome when frozen.

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