Starting popcorn early

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This might sound crazy at first, but I'm planning to start some glass Gem corn early (like tomatoes) and then transplant it.

I know corn is usually direct-seeded, and that it does well that way, but I have reason to believe it might possibly increase yields in my garden to do it this way, if you're only doing a few plants, anyhow. So, I'm trying it with some Glass Gem corn to see what happens. Of course, it might not have any advantages.

I have tried transplanting Glass Gem corn before (from an outdoor container to the ground, splitting plants up from a single container), with good results. Some of the plants put up multiple stalks. So, that's what got me thinking on this.

I'm planning to try it with Job's tears (it's another grain), too (never grown it before, but I don't want to risk it not germinating in our soil). Some things germinate fine direct-seeded in our soil (like radishes, muskmelons, cucumbers, arugula, milk thistle, and watermelons), but many things don't (like okra, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, etc.)
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