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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Note: If you're in the USA and want free seeds for any of my breeding projects, don't hesitate to ask. I would love for you or others to grow them.

* Project name: Snacker_
* Status: Almost stable as of the F2, actually (due to so many recessive traits showing up); growing F4s in 2022. The flavor, sweetness-level, days to maturity, and shallow calyx attachment are the traits that may still need stabilization.
* Parentage: Medovaya Kaplya x a round red RL tomato (probably an off-type RL Kimberley or a Husky Cherry Red F3)
* Growth habit: Indeterminate
* Leaf-type: Potato leaf (this trait is from Medovaya Kaplya)
* Fruit-size: large cherry (same size as Egg Yolk, but no relation)
* Fruit-color: Yellow (same as Medovaya Kaplya)
* Fruit-shape: Round (same shape as Egg Yolk, but no relation)
* Taste: Sweet (not super sweet like Medovaya Kaplya); more complex than Medovaya Kaplya
* Maturity: Early-ish
* Production: Prolific
* Plant-size: Medium-large
* Usage: all-purpose, but makes an excellent snacking tomato (note that I do not consider Medovaya Kaplya all-purpose)
* Seed count: pretty normal for a cherry tomato (not low, but not super high)
* Known to reseed in my garden
* Origin: Snacker_ resulted from an incidental cross that happened in 2016 (the crossed F1 seeds were first grown in 2017, and that F1 plant is known as MKX_A, but the Snacker_ project was born in 2020 from an F2). Bred in western Idaho (I'm doing the selection).
* Growing conditions: black plastic; Snacker_A F2 had very little water and full sun, except for Snacker_B1; the F3s had more water than the F2, but still not a lot; they had full sun; the F3s were volunteers, and received foliar sprays of calcium nitrate and 24-8-16 Miracle Gro (as well as one of potassium sulfate), and had a handful of Epsom salt, and three handfuls of wood ash. Snacker_B had a cage; Snacker_B0, Snacker_B1, and Snacker_A did not have a cage. Hot dry weather both years. The F1 (before Snacker_) was right by a current bush, and the soil seemed poor; Medovaya Kaplya was crowded, overwatered, and had full sun.

Picture of some F3s (probably from Snacker_B):


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Radishrain Radishrain
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Re: Snacker_ tomato

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This year (2022), I'm growing eight plants from Snacker-B seed. They are known as follows:
- Snacker_C
- Snacker_C0
- Snacker_C1
- Snacker_C2
- Snacker_C3
- Snacker_C4
- Snacker_C5
- Snacker_C6

The last four of those had some root damage when transplanted to their final destination. The first four have the largest plants.

They're all PL, of course, and look like their parent and grandparent.
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Radishrain Radishrain
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Re: Snacker_ tomato

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I harvested 4 Snacker_C0 fruits, seeded, and ate them. They tasted different than their ancestors. While they have cool, refreshing, sweet flavor, it was also considerably more tomatoey than its ancestors. It was about the same sweetness as its parent (sweet, but not super sweet). Usually, tomatoey flavors tend to be warm, savory, and heavy rather than cool and refreshing, but it's good (kind of like fruity tomatoes are good). I ate a small number of the seeds afterward (I intend to save the rest). The gel was tangy. The flavor was consistent among all four tomatoes (its parent was consistent).

One fruit (the ripest one) had a deeply-rooted calyx, while the others didn't. I thought it was an all or nothing trait: I guess not.

Snacker_BO has the largest plant, among the Snacker_'s, this year.

I like it quite a bit.

Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
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