Snacker_A (a Medovaya Kaplya cross F2)

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I grew the F1 in 2017 (that F1 plant is known as MKX_A), in a shady location by a current bush. It had red, plum-shaped fruit, thicker in the middle than the two ends. They were very sweet, just like Medovaya Kaplya, but perhaps slightly more complex. The F1 was regular leaf.

I'm growing the F2, this year. I selected for a potato leaf plant, today, when I cut off the extra plants with scissors. The PL one wasn't the largest, though, but it looks like it could do well.

Here's my plant, so far, this year:

Medovaya Kaplya cross F2 tomato plant.

See this thread for the larger Snacker_ project.


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Re: Snacker_A (a Medovaya Kaplya cross F2)

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Okay! So, I got ripe fruit, today. It's like a large, yellow cherry (a bit more oblong than some cherries). The F1 was red; so, it looks like the color should be stable at yellow, and the leaves stable at potato leaf.

The taste is sweet. It reminds me of Medovaya Kaplya with a bit more complexity, and a more tomatoey flavor (a tomatory flavor is a bit unusual for a yellow tomato, in my experience, but it's not super strong, and it doesn't interfere with the Medovaya Kaplya type taste). It's really good. It reminds me of Esterina F1's flavor, but it's not quite the same. The fruit is firm-ish, but not crunchy (it's soft to the bite). It didn't split when I removed the calyx. Medovaya Kaplya is probably at least a tad sweeter, but they're both sweet.

Here are two pictures of the same fruit (there's at least one more ripe one to harvest):

Medovaya Kaplya cross F2 fruit, yellow.
Medovaya Kaplya cross F2 fruit, yellow.

Due to the shape, I'm guessing a round tomato is the patriarchal parent of the cross. Round, red, regular leaf, and perhaps not smaller than that. McGee? Monroe? Mountain Princess (well, it's not always round)? My RL Kimberley offtype? I'm not sure what else I grew that could qualify. Creole? (That's a little big for its size.) It was probably McGee; I'm not sure of what other tomatoes would qualify. That should make it extra nice for Texas, if so (I got my Medovaya Kaplya seeds from someone from Texas, and McGee has a history of being grown in Texas).
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