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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
For as popular as the notion of simplicity is, there sure aren't a lot of simple recipes out there! Simple recipes are totally possible, but they aren't getting enough advertising. One of my goals is to add to the wealth of simple and easy recipes that probably exist somewhere. Ironically, simplicity is not anything like my mantra! I enjoy complexity (if it's useful and fascinating). I do not enjoy convoluted things, however (things that are made overly complicated without a good reason, and no, I don't usually consider cultural tradition a good reason). I mean, if the complexity is reasonably efficient and adds more functionality, that's awesome. If it just makes it harder to understand, or adds more work to create or use, that's not so awesome. If increased complexity makes it faster to use, but increases the learning curve, that can be great, too, if the learning curve isn't too much higher.

Some examples of commonly over-complicated recipes include these:
• Peanut butter balls (All you need is powdered milk, honey, peanut butter, a plate, and a freezer! Really. Who is going to tell you that? Only me, probably. They don't have to be fancy to be good, as nice as fancy things are.)
• Baking powder biscuits
• Pretty much everything

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