Santo Domingo Dark Green watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This thread is about the Santo Domingo Dark Green watermelon. For information about all three Santo Domingo watermelon breeds, see this link.

I ate the smallest of the three Santo Domingo Dark Green watermelons, today. It was very sweet and was pretty good. The rind had that winter melon skin texture to it, although it looked just like a Verona watermelon on the surface. It is a winter watermelon, according to Native Seeds.

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Re: Santo Domingo Dark Green watermelon

We ate the second largest one about day or two ago, and the largest one on Monday (26 Aug 2019). The largest one was quite nice; it was a good quality melon. They all tasted good and had good texture. The rinds were thick. I'm quite impressed with this watermelon. It got to a good size semingly more easily than most other watermelons this year. It's a winter watermelon. The seeds are cool. It does have quite a few seeds (I got four herbal tea bags' worth), and they are large, but I like them.

I think it's a good variety for my garden, and miraclous. I like how all three Santo Domingo types mature at different times (so, growing all three you get watermelon at more times of the year).

More people in Idaho, Utah and other areas with steppe or desert climates should grow this, I think. I wonder how it does in northern areas that are wetter and colder.
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