Roasting garlic in flames

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Did you know you can roast garlic directly in the flames of a hot fire? (Such behavior causes marshmallows to burst into flames, or would likely turn hotdogs to charcoal.) I didn't read how to do this online; I wanted to burn the skins off instead of peeling them.

Here's how you do it:

1. First of all, keep the skins on. They're easier to take off after they've been roasted.

2. Skewer the garlic (papery coverings and all) on a hotdog roasting stick.

3. Stick the garlic directly in your hottest flames for a few minutes, until it seems like they ought to have burned to ash.

4. Then, take them out of the fire, skin them (skinning them under running water is fast). Surprisingly, the fire doesn't completely burn up the skin, but it mostly does the job.

There you go. The garlic underneath the burnt skins shouldn't be burned at all. It tastes more like a vegetable than a spice.
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