Radishrain's 2021 pepper growlist

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Okay, in 2021, I'm focusing on sweet peppers, including several orange sweet peppers. No hot peppers, this year. They're all Capsicum annuum sweet peppers.

This is mostly the beginning of a breeding project. I'm hoping to breed prolific, early, purple/orange, medium-sized, cone-shaped, thick-walled sweet peppers with great taste, which resist sunscald even when exposed to direct sun, but I'm open to other types of sweet peppers, too, of course, as long as they're awesome. I plan to continue this project indefinitely, until further notice.

All the peppers were planted (on the 31 Mar 2021 waking period) indoors in trays with worm castings, peat moss, Permaguard food grade diatomaceous earth, wood ash, and monoammonium phosphate. I plan to keep them indoors until they start to sprout (and then I plan to take them outside during the day and in at night (except when the nights are supposed to be warm enough). I'm not planning to start them in my greenhouse, this year. I planted 36 containers of peppers (no less than 3 or 4 seeds per container, to help encourage better germination, but more seeds in most cases). I didn't freeze seeds before planting them, this year (although some might have been frozen last year).

From purchased seed and free gifts with purchases:
• California Wonder Purple x 1
• Cubanelle x 1
• Horizon x 2
• Hungarian Sweet Wax x 2
• Golden California Wonder (orange version from Everwilde farms) x 2
• Lilac Bell x 1
• Lipstick SHPC x 1
• Midnight Dreams x 1
• Neapolitan x 6
• Orange Sun x 2
• Purple Beauty x 1 (This is from my new seed source--not the single seed I have left from the first time I grew Purple Beauty.)
• Roumanian Rainbow x 1
• Sheepnose x 1
• White Cloud (Baker Creek) x 1
• White Cloud (Timeless-Tomatoes) x 1

From trades/gifts:
• Ajvarski x 1
• Canary Bell x 3
• Chocolate x 1
• Coral Bell x 3
• Doe Hill x 1
• Etiuda x 1
• Goccia d'Oro x 1
• Golden Treasure x 1
• Jimmy Nardello Italian x 1
• Lesya x 1
• Lipstick x 1
• Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes x 1
• Petit Marseillais x 1
• Zulu x 1

Maybe in a future year:
• ?Yellow Mini Bell
• ?Antohi Romanian (If I get seeds.)
• Corbaci
• Feher Ozon
• Georgescu Chocolate
• Jimmy Nardello Italian x Corbaci F2
• Jimmy Nardello Italian x Corbaci F3 (I still need to save seeds. The fruits of the F2 in 2020 taste really good and are an attractive smoothly tapered shape; very sweet)
• ?Murasaki Purple (If I get seeds.)
• ?Orange Bell (Baker Creek; if I get seeds)
• *?Orange Lunchbox (if I get seeds)
• *?Orange Mini Bell (if I get seeds)
• Red Mini Bell

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