Radishrain's 2020 tomato grow list

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here's the actual list of tomatoes that I planted (I enumerated them on 3 April 2020, but I've edited some more in); there are about 93 kinds (a few have two plants each, including Carbon, Ovita, Pink Cheeks, Purple Calabash, and Galapagos Island, but Napoli has 4, Marion has 6 or 7, and Tart Brandyboy cross has 5 to 8):

• Afternoon Delight (I have verified that it's not Blushing Bride, because the plant has lots of anthocyanin)
• Amana Orange (Marsha)
• Ambrosia Red cross F2 (F1 was yellow)
• Amish Rose
• Amy's Sugar Gem
• Austin's Black Cherry
• B.S.X.
• Bear Creek
• Best Boy F1
• Better Boy F1
• Better Boy F2
• Big Daddy F1
• Black Cherry
• Bloody Butcher (potential mutant/sport)
• Blue Berries
• !Blushing Bride (froze; planted Afternoon Delight in its stead, which did sprout, and I did transplant it)
• Bosque Blue
• Bosque Blue Bumblebee
• Box Car Willie
• Brad's Atomic Grape
• Brown Berry
• Carbon (from FarmerShawn)
• Carbon (other source from trade/gift)
• Chadwick Cherry
• Cherokee Yellow Perfection Peach
• !Cherokee Yellow Red (froze or didn't sprout)
• Cherokee Yellow Red Pear
• Chocolate Chestnut
• Chris Ukrainian
• Cold Black Brandy
• Cosmic Eclipse
• !Crimson Cushion (starting seeds indoors in a wet herbal tea bag in plastic bag; they didn't germinate, and they rotted)
• Deutscher Fleiss
• Djenna Lee's Golden Girl (from trade/gift)
• Egg Yolk
• Esterina F1
• Eva
• Galapagos Island (antifreeze)
• Galapagos Island (from 5-chamber fruits)
• Garnet
• Garnet x Black Krim
• !Giantesque (froze or didn't sprout)
• Green Gables
• Homestead
• Husky Red F2
• Indian Stripe (eyegrotom)
• !Indian Stripe Potato Leaf (FarmerShawn; froze)
• Isis Candy
• Italian Heirloom
• Japanese Black Trifele
• Jim Dandy cross F2
• !Juliet F2
• Karma Pink
• Katja
• Kellogg's Beefsteak
• Kellogg's Breakfast (purple tape, newest date)
• !Large Red Cherry (froze or didn't sprout)
• Lila Sari
• !Lucid Gem (froze; replanted, but didn't sprout)
• Luna
• Malakhitovaya Shkatulka
• !Malinovoe Chudo (The plant became unusually sick after the transplant. I'm not sure what was wrong with it, as it wasn't normal transplant shock. I pulled it up and planted a Tart Brandy Boy cross #2 in its stead)
• Margaret Curtain
• Marion #1 x 4 (saved seeds)
• Marion (SeedsNow packet)
• Marion B (saved seeds)
• Marion C (saved seeds)
• Marzano Fire (both cells of plants froze; replanted, one plant sprouted late)
• Medovaya Kaplya cross F2 (the F1 was a red plum)
• Mexican Yellow cross F3 (probably crossed with Chapman)
• Moneymaker
• Moonglow (from trade/gift)
• Mr. Brown
• My Sweet Plourde
• Napoli x 6
• !Neves Azorean Red (froze)
• Nineveh
• NM BB cross (Brandy Boy cross F3; PL; near-multiflora, from fruit with huge blossom scar, with taste similar to regular Brandyboy F1)
• Old Brooks
• Ovita (doublehelixfarms)
• Ovita (saved seeds)
• !Pakenham Pear (from fruit with long shelf-life; froze)
• !Pantano Romanesco (froze)
• Pierce's Pride
• Pink Cheeks (doublehelixfarms)
• Pink Cheeks (saved seed from container-grown plant)
• Pink Ping Pong
• !Polaris (froze)
• Porter (2019 saved seeds)
• !Prue (Got Pythium which I doscovered post-transplant; pulled it up and transplanted Marzano fire in its stead)
• Purple Calabash (Heirloomtomaguy via Tormato)
• Purple Calabash (newer trade/gift source; this one have leaves like it's a new species of wild tomato; the other one doesn't but it looks a bit related in leaf shape)
• Queen of the Night
• Red Beefsteak (I planted Red Beefsteak from Gardenboy of TJ, 2020, in the stead of the Crimson Cushion plants that froze; seeds froze that were probably these, but might have been Crimson Cushion)
• Red Calabash
• Red Oxheart (label said Red Oxheart, but the initial trader called it Pink Oxheart)
• Riesentraube (Baker Creek; red version)
• Rose De Berne
• Rosella
• !San Pedro (froze or didn't sprout)
• !Sausage (from 2019, from among six fruits; set aside to give to a friend)
• Sheboygan (from an oxheart-shaped fruit)
• Silvery Fir Tree (saved seeds)
• Sprite
• Stellar F2
• Summer of Love
• SunChocola F2
• !Sweet 'N' Bright (AKA Hellfrucht; didn't sprout)
• Sweet Orange Cherry (saved seed; Diane Seeds was the ancestral source, labeled Orange Cherry; yellow/gold fruit)
• !Sweet Orange Cherry (TomatoFest; didn't sprout)
• Taiga
• Tart BB cross #1 (Brandy Boy cross F3, PL, from a plant with really good, tart, pink fruit)
• Tart Brandy Boy cross #2 x 3 (Brandy Boy cross F3, PL, from a plant with really good, tart, pink fruit)
• Tart Brandy Boy cross #3 x 3 (Brandy Boy cross F3, PL, from a plant with really good, tart, pink fruit)
• Trucker's Favorite
• !True Black Brandywine (Baker Creek; froze or didn't sprout)
• !Tundra (it died in the greenhouse)
• !Wild Tiger (froze)
• Yellow Plum

• There are at least two volunteers that appear to be either Nodak Early or Mountain Princess (or a cross between the two).
• At least one volunteer appears to be Galapagos Island.
• The other volunteers have yet to be identified.


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Re: Radishrain's 2020 tomato to-grow list

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I just finished planting all the tomato seeds. I did it all at once (although it took many hours, and I took a couple breaks), and planted a lot more than I had initially planned. I mean, I believe I planted everything on my list (except for Paul Robeson, SunLemon F2, and SunOrange F2; I edited my list to reflect what I actually planted—so you won't see Paul Robeson and those others on it), and then some others besides, like Mr. Brown. I should get them all listed by transplant time. There are well over a hundred cells planted. The ones I did lots of were Marion, the tart PL Brandy Boy cross F3, Napoli, and I think that's it. I did two of a number of them, but with the exception of Marzano Fire and maybe about one other, I planted each cell from a different seed source (to hopefully get at least one true-to-type plant on these reportedly really good-tasting varieties, and for controversial varieties).

I also planted my peppers (about thirty cells), wonderberries (six cells from the three-fruit fuse fruit), Morelle De Balbis (2019), West India burr gherkins (5), red epazote, Stevia, safflower, tomatillos (two of Yolanda's Purple), and probably a number of other things.

I can determine some of the extra tomatoes I planted by looking at the ones with empty seed packets. Edit: I've already determined them all, but it's good to know which seeds I'm out of, still.

Here are the empty bags I have:
* Isis Candy (TomatoFest, packed for 2009; it only had two seeds; I mixed those with my other source in the same cell)
* Marion C, 2019
* Mr. Brown, standard (may incl. Prem, saved 2015)
* Chadwick Cherry, Premium, 1oz, saved 2015
* Pierce's Pride, Sustainable Seed
* Wild Tiger
* `12 Sweet 'N' Bright AKA Hellfrucht; 2oz; disease resistant, coolbythecoast
* Tundra
* Polaris
* Neves Azorean Red, sdambr 2015
* Marzano Fire
* Malakhitovaya Shkatulka, Premium, 14oz, 2016, CJ
* Crimson Cushion, from eyegrotom of TV
* Box Car Willie, Premium, 12.5oz, saved 2015
* Blushing Bride
* Brown Berry cherry
* Marion, fruit #1, large, first, 2019
* Lucid Gem
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
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