Radishrain's 2020 pepper grow list

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
• 7 Pot Gigantic SR Chocolate
• Aji Habanero (seeds saved in 2019)
• Big Mustard Mamma
• Black Mustard Bhutlah (seeds saved in 2019)
• Bulgarian Carrot
• Georgescu Chocolate (saved seeds)
• Jimmy Nardello Italian x Corbaci F2 (saved seeds)
• Lipstick (saved seeds)
• Neapolitan (seeds saved in 2019 and store seeds)
• Randy Sine's Evil Jalapeno, orange (seeds saved in 2019)
• Ring of Fire (Baker Creek one, saved seeds, 2016, not labeled for the raised bed in the shade)
• Sweet Banana (seeds saved in 2019)
• White Cloud (saved seeds)
• White Fatalli
• Others

If I obtain seeds:
* Paper Lantern

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