Radishrain's 2019 tomato growlist

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This does not include those I planted that did not sprout, or that did sprout and died (due to a freeze or other such). 49 kinds of tomatoes (unless you count each F2 as a different kind; then there are more); 87 plants. There may be a few others.

• Amana Orange (from 2016 seed; this might be a cross)
• Aunt Gertie's Gold
• Big Boy F1
• Black Beauty x 2 (from 2017 seed; I believe both of these were crosses, one with Sweetie, and the other uncertain, but it was brown)
• Black Dragon
• Black Vernissage
• Bloody Butcher
• Brandy Boy cross F2 x 8 (from 2018 seed; each of these Brandy Boy cross F2s is from a different fruit; the F1 was supposed to be Brandy Boy F12, but it turned out to be an accidental cross between john11840's stabilized Brandy Boy F11 and an unknown regular leaf variety; I really loved it, though)
• Brandy Boy F1
• Brandy Boy F10 (stabilized version from john11840 of Gardenweb)
• Buckbee's New 50-Day
• Chris Ukrainian
• Coyote x 2 (one plant is a cutting of the larger plant; I want to try to grow another generation from this, this year, after the fruit ripens)
• Early Girl F1 x 2 (one I grew from seed from an open packet I received in a trade, and the other we got as a plant from the store; the other tomatoes on this list were all from seed)
• Early Treat F1
• Fourth of July F1
• Frosty F. House x 2 (from 2018 seed)
• Galapagos Island (Solanum cheesmaniae; from 2015 seed)
• Gilbertie
• Gnocchia Di Limone
• Holyland
• Husky Red F1
• Jerusalem
• Marion
• Matina (this isn't from my saved seed)
• Matt's Wild Cherry
• Mexican Yellow cross F2 (from 2017 seed; the F1 was pink and didn't get a fair evaluation due to being in the shade of some currant bushes)
• Moravsky Div
• Mountain Princess x 8 (from 2018 seed; I meant to have loads of Frosty F. House and a few of these, but on a whim, I split up a container into loads of plants; I do really like Mountain Princess, though)
• Napoli
• Nodak Early x 2 (from 2018 seed)
• Noire De Crimee
• Palestinian
• PL volunteer (unless tomato seeds traveled a ways, it must be Husky Cherry Red F-something x a PL tomato F2+; last year it was a regular leaf red cherry the same size as Husky Cherry Red F1; if it were pure Husky Cherry Red, it would be F6)
• Polish Linguisa
• Porter (from 2016 seed; however it does this year, I plan to grow it again in 2020 for the sake of acclimatization; I grew the same seed source in 2017, which didn't yield remarkable results, but I didn't save seeds, and it volunteered in 2018, and I loved it then, although I didn't save seeds, again; so, yeah)
• Red Robin
• Rio Grande
• Ron's Carbon Copy cross F2+ (from 2017 seed; the previous generation had very pink fruit, was quite sweet, and had great flavor; it had larger fruit than Ron's Carbon Copy)
• Sausage x 17 (from 2018 seed; I really liked this one last year)
• Sheboygan
• Snow Fairy (from 2017 seed)
• Sweet Orange Cherry (from 2017 seed)
• Thessaloniki (This isn't from my saved seed.)
• Tidy Rose F1 x 2 (one is mulched with the strawberries and the other is in an area with black plastic like the rest of the tomatoes)
• Valley Girl F1
• Volunteer (maybe Husky Cherry Red F5 x Sweet Orange Cherry F2, but possibly other things; if it were pure Husky Cherry Red it would be F6)
• Volunteer (maybe Husky Cherry Red F5 x Sweet Orange Cherry F2, but possibly other things; if it were pure Husky Cherry Red it would be F6; this plant is growing much differently than the other)
• White Queen (from 2017 seed)

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