Queen of Malinalco tomatillo

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Queen of Malinalco tomatillo

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I first learned about the Queen of Malinalco tomatillo via Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds' 2020 seed catalog: https://www.rareseeds.com/store/vegetables/new-items-2020/queen-of-malinalco

It sounds like a great tomatillo, with a very unusual shape (they're sort of pepper-shaped). It's said to be like a sweet paste tomato. The fruits grow up to four inches long, and are supposed to be pretty prolific.


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Re: Queen of Malinalco tomatillo

Apparently, this breed has hairy stems! I've never seen a Physalis philadelphica breed with hairy stems before. I wonder if it's actually a different species, or a cross between Physalis philadelphica and another species. They should sequence its genome to find out.
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