Pre-starting seeds to direct-seed

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I've decided to pre-start various kinds of seeds, including some that I haven't had success starting in containers and/or direct-seeded.

I've germination-tested Galapagos Island tomato seeds this way before (in the winter or so), but this is my first time doing it to plant them afterward. I've also planted viviparous Cushaw White squash seeds (meaning, they sprouted roots inside the squash). I direct-seeded some and put others in foam cups with soil in them. The ones in the cups sprouted. A large percentage (but not all, so far; they still have time) of the ones in the ground sprouted.

Anyway, I'm trying it with the following kinds of plants:

* Burpee Tenderpod beans
* Kentucky Wonder beans
* Rattlesnake pole beans
* Lovage
* Job's Tears
* Blue Doll F2 squash (old)
* Zucchini (old)
* Yomogi
* Winter savory
* Crimson Cushion tomato
* Zi Su shiso
* Mammoth Sandwich Island salsify

and maybe other stuff.

Anyway, here's my method (which is essentially the paper towel method using empty paper herbal tea bags instead of paper towels):

1. Take an empty herbal tea bag, a snack-sized zipper bag, and a marker.
2. Put a few to several seeds in the bag (ideally spread out)
3. Put the herbal tea bag with seeds in the zipper bag.
4. Add a little water to the zipper bag (get the herbal tea bag and seeds wet).
5. Drain out excess water if there's a lot.
6. Zip up the zipper bag.
7. Label the bag with the marker.
8. Put the bag somewhere warm, and wait for the seeds to sprout roots (add more water as needed if necessary).

Then, when the roots are the desired size, direct-seed them wherever.
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