Prayer (answers to) and grace

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I have a story for you if you have a moment. It's about prayer, answers to prayer, and grace.
So, one day (in the year 2011), I lost my little notebook with the voicemail password for my mom's phone. I couldn't find it. I needed it. I prayed for help finding it, but try as I might, I didn't find it then. So, I went on to do something else.

Then, I couldn't find my tax binder where I put a lot of my financial stuff. My mom didn't know where it was. I looked everywhere I thought it would be—or could be—but, I didn't find it.

Because it was still lost, I prayed for help. Then, I got the thought that I still had a lot of places to look, even though I really didn't think the binder was in any of those places. But, I figured if I did my part and did everything I could first, then God would step in and help me find it.

I began to look around in places I had previous neglected (because I didn't think it likely to be there). One of them was under my bed. It wasn't there, but when I turned around, before I got up, I saw a stack of things on a large plastic bin up by my window; I saw my tax binder in the stack! I felt it was a direct answer to prayer and a sign of God's grace. Then, I got up to get it; I removed a box of Legos to unveil the tax binder, and I found the notebook with the voicemail instructions (which I may have forgotten about) there with it! That was miraculous. I knew of no reason those two things would be there, let alone together (they were completely unrelated objects).

It was a cool experience.
I knew that God had answered my prayer with grace because I had been willing to do what I could first, even if it didn't seem like enough.

Sometimes, God doesn't directly show you where something is, but through grace changes your perspective so you can plainly see what was once hidden from view. But, we should be willing to get down on our knees, and look under that bed.

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