Possible GMO tomato marketed to home gardeners: Endless Summer

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Although the Endless Summer tomato (a genetically engineered one from a really long time ago) doesn't appear to have had success in grocery stores, it appears that Burpee has an Endless Summer tomato that remarkably has a similar shelf-life description (except it lasts even longer!) It's said to be available at the Home Depot (but not shipped to your house).

Are these the same tomato? Are they related? I don't know, but I think we need need some additional labeling here if it is, or a different tomato name if not.

Here's a thread I started on another forum, off-site, asking if anyone knew about it.

Well, at least any patents on it are likely to have expired. So, if GMO tomatoes contaminate other tomatoes at least they won't make the new hybrids illegal. Plus, it should be easy to tell if your tomato has the modified trait, since they might not ripen. But yeah, some people won't want to grow tomatoes descended from GMO tomatoes even if they lack the gene of their ancestor (I'm not excited about the prospect, myself).
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