Pomelo taste evaluation

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
We got a pomelo at Walmart, today, and ate it. This is the first pomelo I've eaten, although I've been aware of their presence for almost twenty years.

I had heard they were like large grapefruits. They certainly look like large grapefruits, but they don't smell or taste a lot like them.

The smell is interesting (like a mix between grapefruit and lime with another smell). The pith is pretty good, and to me it tasted a lot like grapefruit pith (but more pleasant than that might sound). The fruit tasted like fruit punch! Not like any other citrus. I love this fruit. I love other citruses, too.

The other taster thought the pith didn't taste like grapefruit pith, and was pleased with it. This taste did seem to think the overall fruit had some similarities to grapefruit, but was different.

Anyway, my overall analysis is that if you like Hawaiian punch with a little grapefruit mixed in, you'll probably love this. You should try it.

The fruit was seedless. It was almost as easy to peel as a grapefruit, but the fruit sections were more difficult to separate from one another.
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